Dive Operator Checklist

FAQs on your dive package 

  1. Who is the dive operator?
  2. Will the divemaster be leading us?
  3. What is the procedure getting off the boat and back on the boat?
  4. Is there oxygen, first aid on the boat?
  5. Do you have a radio for emergencies?
  6. How many days will we be diving? a.m. or p.m.
  7. Will there be a night dive?
  8. Is there a rinse bucket for masks?
  9. Do you have a separate rinse tank/bucket for camera equipment?
  10. Do you have a camera table on board?
  11. Do you offer Nitrox?
  12. How many divers will be on board?
  13. Do you provide weights, weight belt, tanks?
  14. Do you provide drinking water, food on board?
  15. When should we arrive for the boat and what time will we get back to shore?