Fine Ocean Jewelry

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Diamond and Sapphire Starfish Brooch/ Pendant


Diamond and Sapphire Starfish Brooch/Pendant

Price: $1395.00

Product Code: 030701-026

18K white gold with 64 round brilliant cut white diamonds at 0.45 ctw and 72 yellow sapphires at 2.58 ctw; 5.7g of gold. Approx. size: 35.5x35.5mm. A beautiful piece.

Diamond Starfish Brooch/ Pendant


Diamond Starfish Brooch/Pendant

Price: $1550.00

Product Code: 030701-027

168 round brilliant cut fine diamonds at 1.08 ctw with 8.9 g of 18K gold. Approx. size: 36x36mm. Dazzling piece.

Pink Sapphire Starfish Pendant


Pink Sapphire Starfish Pendant

Price: $475.00

Product Code: 030701-028

18K yellow gold starfish with 45 matched pink sapphires at 1.72 ctw and 4.6 g of gold. Approx. size: 21.5x21.5mm. Beautiful piece. Design also available in other gemstones. Contact us for pricing on special orders.

Diamond, Sapphire and Gemstone Fish Brooch/ Pendant


Diamond, Sapphire, Gemstone Fish Brooch/Pendant


Price: $3,200.00

Product Code: 030701-029  

18K white gold high polish with 72 brilliant cut diamonds at 0.76 ctw and 131 multi-color stones: sapphires and tsavorites at 5.2 ctw. 28 g. of gold. Approx. size: 54.5x42mm. Stunning piece.

Diamond and Sapphire Angelfish Brooch/ Pendant


Diamond and Sapphire Angelfish Brooch/Pendant

Price: $1395.00

Product Code: 030701-030

18K black gold with 66 black diamonds at 0.72 ctw and 92 yellow sapphires at 8.67 ctw and 1 pt diamond full cut. 13.9g. Approx. size: 42.5x38mm. Superb quality and workmanship.

Diamond and Sapphire Lucky Fish Pendant/ Brooch


Diamond and Sapphire Lucky Fish Pendant/Brooch

Price: $3,900.00
Product Code: 030701-031
7 round brilliant cut diamonds at 0.27 ctw and 159 yellow sapphires at 16.78 ctw with 28g of 18K yellow gold. Approx. size: 57x51mm. Pavé work is exemplary.